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Healing Modalities

Anne is trained as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine with the Four Winds Society founded by Dr. Alberto Villoldo.


The Four Winds Society offers the world’s most thorough training in Shamanic Energy Medicine combined with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience. Ethics and intentionality are the most important aspects of this work and requires the practitioner to heal themselves before working with clients.

As an energy medicine practitioner and energy weaver, Anne sees her clients as healed and powerful, not as a diagnosis, series of ailments or the stories they tell themselves.


Each session commences with a consultation that may include story-telling, and or tracking of the client's energy field. Following this the next step is a gentle, safe healing of the chakras of the body and the energy field, working with the client to release any held emotions, pain, discomfort or limiting beliefs. When we clear the energy field of past traumas and unwanted energies, we change the story written for us by culture and family genetics.

It can also identify issues in the energy field before they manifest as pain in the physical body. 

At the end of each session the client will be given homework or playwork to help them integrate the healing.

My sessions can include a variety of Healing Modalities, depending on what the client needs at the time.

Core healing techniques include:

- Rapid Transformational Therapy®

- Intuitive Transformational Coaching (Identifying where you are currently and processes to move you to your end result, mapping a path, Intuitively, can be an extension of both RTT and Energy Healing.

The other healing techniques that form part of Anne's work as an energy medicine practitioner include:

Decoupling - This method is used as part of the healing session to help reset the client's fight-or-flight mode. The client is then taught how to do this for themselves between sessions.

Extractions and cord cutting - This is part of the process of clearing the energy field, when required. 

Ancestral Clearing

Destiny Retrieval

Return to Spirit - This process helps bring reconciliation and healing for those who are passing over and their loved ones.

Energy healing sessions are available online or in person. Online sessions are as effective as being in the healer’s room.

An energy healing session is usually 1.5 hours and includes consultation time.

TRAING FROM The Four Winds Society

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval helps you recover a part of yourself that was lost as a result of trauma. When soul loss occurs, the innocent, joyous, trusting self flees, and the wounded self remains, searching for a way to become whole again. The shaman learns how to bring the soul back to the world, and help her client discover a new sense of purpose and mission in life.

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