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Meet Anne


Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine,

Intuitive Transformational Coaching and Mentoring,

Rapid Transformational Therapy® 

Munay-Ki Rites practitioner  and teacher

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Anne Curtis Healer
IICT Membership

With extensive qualifications in various powerful modalities, Anne combines her energy medicine knowledge and intuitive transformational therapies and coaching skills to support clients to reach their healing and life path goals.


Anne is especially passionate about assisting clients release limiting beliefs and their old stories to enable them to create new, healthy ones. She believes that our stories do not define us, nor do the conditions that govern us or the beliefs that restrict us. Through intuitive transformational coaching, Anne continues to work with her clients to unleash their inner genius and realise their full potential as super-conscious creators.


You could say Anne's focus is primarily on holistic personal development. This approach emphasizes a more integrated way of enhancing well-being, focusing on healing and harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. It includes techniques that foster self-awareness, emotional healing, and personal growth, and supports those who are looking for a comprehensive, yet grounded, method to improve their life's journey and find a deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose. 


Jaye H

"Just one session with Anne and past blockages released. Fear and anxiety have all but disappeared. Amazed at how happy and positive my life has become. Forever grateful."

Rebecca C

Anne is exceptional at what she does.

I have been having healings with Anne for over 20 years...

Over the past 6 years Anne helped me move through grief and helped me come back into my body to move forward in life after being my mother’s carer while looking after her through a terminal illness.

Disclaimer: Results cannot be guaranteed, moreover, results from individual testimonials are for reference only and your own personal experience may differ to those shown on this site.

Louise E

"My healing experiences with Anne have been profound, deep, gentle and liberating. I am so grateful for her long term commitment to her healing practice, now expressed through Luminosity Energy Healing. 


Anne’s connection to 3 year old me was incredible, the contract revealed was spot on, and more and more and more and more magical! 


I entrust you to Anne without hesitation and with excitement for you and your healing 

Image by Aaron Burden

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